"i’m hungry"
"you just ate"

April 23rd
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April 23rd
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I’m sure this is probably about her disgusting anti tag.  I hope the people who love to spend their time hating on her are happy, that you hurt someone who has never done anything wrong to you.  You couldn’t be satisfied with hating on her character, you had to hate and judge her too.  You all look pathetic and immature.  Most of the posts in her anti tag aren’t criticizing her acting in a respectful way, it’s bashing her as a person and saying things about her that you have no way of knowing are true, but are just things you say to make her look like a shitty person.  And what makes it worse?  The things said about her are not only baseless claims, but also are completely untrue if you actually have heard anything from people who have met her.  All of the fans who have met her have said she’s one of the kindest, sweetest actresses they’ve met.  They’ve actually met her, and have been in the same room as her, not judging her from behind a computer screen.  I feel gross and ashamed and I’m not even the one who made the ridiculously rude and degrading posts about her.  Seriously, some people need to remember she is a real person with feelings, just like us.  

And yes, I’m going to tag this in the anti tags so the people who have made the hurtful posts about her on here can see this.

April 23rd
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Emma Stone  - Vogue US - May 2014

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Why do you post no so much about paul wesley but your name is paul wesley...

i do post a lot of paul wesley. also, my name is not paul wesley, my name is stella and my url is paulwelsey. 

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Nikolaj Coster-Waldau by Bjorn Iooss (Vogue Italy)

April 23rd
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